The Credit Card Guy

Jason Steele is a freelance journalist who is one of the leading experts on credit cards and award travel.

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The 5 worst credit card mistakes you can make - Financial Fitness ...

The 5 worst credit card mistakes you can make - Fin...

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7 things to do when you get a new credit card - Financial Fitness Story

7 things to do when you get a new credit card - Fin...

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5 store credit cards that are worth it

 These are the store cards that can offer impressive discounts, competitive rewards, or both....

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6 easy ways to keep your credit card safe

There are several steps that cardholders can take to ensure the security of their credit cards....

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2 reporters arrested at Ferguson McDonald's

Two reporters covering the shooting of an unarmed black teen by a white police officer in a St. Louis suburb say they were arrested at a McDonald's Wednesday evening....

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4 often-overlooked credit card perks

Here are four of the most overlooked features you probably already have access to through at least one of the cards already in your wallet....

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5 habits of highly effective credit card users

Here are five things that these superusers do to rise above the rest....