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Jason Steele is a freelance journalist who is one of the leading experts on credit cards and award travel.

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Forget the Upgrade! Use Your Credit Card Rewards for a Private Jet ...

A new rewards credit card lets cardholders earn a seat on a private jet flight by spending a mere $1,250 on their card.

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How to Upgrade Your Secured Credit Card |

How to Upgrade Your Secured Credit Card |

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10 Common Credit Card Complaints | Blog

Here are ten of the most common credit card complaints, and some simple suggestions to avoid these issues.

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4 Summer Trips Your Credit Card Rewards Could Pay For

Here are four of the top summer travel destinations, and how to get the most out of your credit card travel rewards.

5 Credit Card Fees You Should Never Pay

There is actually a lot that credit card users can do to reduce or eliminate credit card fees. Here are the top 5 credit card fees, and how to avoid them.

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5 Things About Credit Cards Grown-Ups Won't Tell You | ...

Here are five aspects of credit card use that are rarely seen or spoken about, but are important for your children to learn.

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Airline Merger Mayhem: How to Score With Credit Card Rewards

After the numerous major airline mergers, there are clear expectations about how this latest merger will affect these airlines' reward credit cards.

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Balance Transfer Cards: How To Pick a Good One

With so many of these balance transfer offers available, cardholders need to choose the one that best meets their individual needs. Here's how.

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Capital One's Quicksilver: The Future of Cash-Back Credit Cards ...

Capital One's new Quicksilver may signal some trends in cash back credit cards.

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Cards With No Annual Fee: How To Pick One

There are so many credit cards on the market without annual fees, it can be difficult to find the best ones. Here's how to pick the right card.

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Credit Cards | Expert Advice from

Get tips & advice on how to choose & analyze credit card offers. Get access to easy-to-understand & actionable credit card reviews & comparisons.

How to Plan a Credit Card Rewards Trip

Earning and redeeming your credit card travel rewards can take some time, as the best trips must be planned far in advance. Here's how to do it.

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How to Transfer a Credit Card Balance | Blog

When it comes to understanding how to transfer a credit card balance, there are a few speed bumps that can trip up consumers.

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Should You Get Your Teen a Credit Card? | Blog

If you get your teen a credit card, should you trust your teen to use it responsibly, or be concerned that this privilege may be abused?